How to best store your cigars

How to properly light a cigar. Useful tips
22 February 2023

When you smoke cigars, it is not only important to know how to turn them on and off, but above all it is essential to understand how to keep them at their best. Proper storage of tobacco will keep them fresh and good for a long time.

If you are a tobacco enthusiast, it will be useful to know how cigars are stored so that you can better enjoy its aroma and fully enjoy a moment of relaxation.


Cigars must be properly preserved in order to maintain their quality and freshness. If stored in the wrong way, they risk being compromised and losing their unique aroma.

A cigar should be stored in an environment characterized by a climate of 21,000ºC and with a humidity level of about 70%. Cigars that are not stored in the right way risk drying, breaking, or molding.

When talking about the storage of cigars it is necessary first of all to differentiate two types:

  • Dry cigars: characterized by a more intense and harder flavor, they need to be stored at a humidity level of 70%;
  • Humid cigars: characterized by a more delicate and softer flavor, they need to be stored in an environment characterized by a humidity of around 75%.

Before presenting what may be the possible ways of storing cigars, it is important to emphasize that cigars of different types (such as natural and flavored cigars) can not be stored together, as a mixture of flavourings may weigh on the individual qualities of each.

As a result of buying new cigars, it is always advisable to remove them from their packaging and store them in a controlled environment.

Also it is always advisable to let the cigars acclimatize in a controlled environment after purchase. Generally, 4/5 days is enough.


Cigars should be stored in a dry, dark place, with a humidity that hovers between 65 and 80 percent, while the ideal temperature is 18°-21°C.

It is also important to make sure that there are no strong odors in the environment, which could compromise the aroma of the cigars themselves.

If you have a cigar and you do not have the intention to smoke it immediately, this can be preserved by purchasing a humidifier that can maintain a constant level of humidity.

If the cigar is wrapped in a cellophane wrapper or is kept in a cedar sleeve, you can store it in the box until you plan to smoke it. Cellophane allows the air to reach the cigar, while the sleeve protects it during transport.

Another way to store cigars is to use a humidor, which is a special container for storing cigars. The humidor can be adjusted to maintain the right level of constant humidity inside the container.

Once the cigars are placed inside the appropriate containers, to keep their qualities intact over time it is strongly recommended to rotate them every month or so.

For habitual cigar smokers, who make it their usual use, it is not necessary to follow this advice, since cigars will be used in the short term.

Some conditions that can alter the temperature of the environment, such as sunlight, but also other heat sources such as heaters, or even air conditioning, can cause serious damage to cigars by compromising their aroma, their taste, consequently negating their proper storage.

Storing cigars in the right way is essential to maintain the quality and freshness of the product over time.


Humidity control is the most important parameter to monitor when it comes to cigar storage.

The advancement of technology today allows the use of more sophisticated instruments, from analog hair hygrometers to the latest digital hygrometers, capable of providing information on the temperature present.

In fact, such instruments are capable of constantly monitoring the temperature and humidity present in the environment where cigars are stored. They also allow them to provide information that is sent directly to people’s smartphones through notifications in case of any changes in the climate.


Is it possible to store cigars in the refrigerator?

Thinking that you can store your cigars in in refrigerator is a mistaken belief.

Storing cigars in the refrigerator can take two important risks:

  • Cigars can be in danger of drying out very quickly;
  • Cigars can absorb odors from the environment.

We have previously seen what are the accepted values with respect to the correct temperature and humidity level for the right storage of cigars over time.

The refrigerator has an average temperature of 4-5°, and its humidity tends to be variable and is in any case very low.

In addition, there are different foods and drinks within in, which can emit different aromas that can be easily absorbed by tobacco, affecting its basic aroma.

Given the following premises, the refrigerator does not prove to be a suitable mode for the right storage of cigars.

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