Cigar Rest: an elegant accessory for your collection

Cigar Humor: How to best stor your cigars
10 February 2023

If you are a cigar enthusiast, you will know that this world is not limited only to simple cigars, humidors and lighters, but offers much more. In fact, there are many other accessories that can make the overall cigar smoking experience more satisfying.

Like the cigar rack, a fundamental accessory that allows you to live the experience in total relaxation. What is the use of a cigar rack and how is it made? In the following article we will go to understand its uses and its characteristics so that you no longer have doubts about the importance of equipping yourself with this elegant and particular accessory.


What is a cigar holder for?


The act of smoking a cigar also takes the name “slow smoking”; in fact, the cigar should be smoked slowly, its flavour savoured and enjoyed unhurriedly.

Calmness and time should be such as to allow proper enjoyment while respecting the cigar itself; in this way we may enhance it and i twill reciprocate by giving us unforgettable moments.

Sometimes the need and want to have to put down one’s cigar somewhere for a moment arises, but an ashtray may not reflect the most suitable choice.

Finding oneself holding a cigar without knowing where to put it down ever for a short time can be a frustrating experience, even going to impact what should be a moment of relaxation and pleasure for the person.

Thet is why there is a quick and easy solution created specifically for occasions like these: the cigar rest.

The cigar rest is a popular accessory used to keep one’s cigar safe when it is not being smoked.

It is usually a small wooden or metal box characterized by a groove in the top that is useful precisely to hold the cigar in place, preventing it from rolling on surfaces, or dropping it on floor.

The cigar rest offers an effective solution where one can store one’s cigar at all those times when one needs to momentarily interrupt one’s smoking experience, consequently being able to retrieve it very quietly and easily, without compromising the integrity and aroma of the cigar itself.

Compact in size and featuring particular ease of use, the cigar rest is capable of bringing harmony to one’s cigar smoking experience.

By adding a cigar rest to one’s cigar too kit, one can make the smoking experience more comfortable and enjoyable.


What does a cigar rest look like?

The cigar rest generally consists of a base, a bracket, and a shelf. The base can be made of wood, metal, or plastic, depending on the style and functionality desired. The bracket is used to support the shelf above which the cigar is stored.

There are different types of cigar rests that can support cigars of different sized; there are cigar rests that can serve as a shelf for one and only one cigar, and cigar rests that can support several cigars at once. Cigar rests can have a classic shape or be more modern and distinctive; they can also be decorated with a carved design or a print.

Some cigar rests also have a lid that is useful for protecting the cigar from moisture in its surroundings. Others have other features such as having a built-in cigar cutter, a drawer for storing accessories or an opening for professional cleaning. Some more expensive models can also be customized.

Cigar rests can also be easily transported. Some models, after their use, allow them to be folded up by storing them in your pocket, purse, or wherever you prefer.

It is consequently a great accessory for when you want to carve out a moment for yourself at home, but also when you are on the go.

Cigar rests can be made of different materials, including wood, plastic, metal, leather and bamboo. The choice of material obviously depends on personal choices, and also on the budget you intend to spend on the purchase of the accessory.

Different types of cigar rests can range form luxury to less expensive, thus cheaper. More expensive cigar rests are made of fine materials such as wood and silver; less economically demanding models are made of plastic and metal.

Wood tends to be the most classic solution, while plastic is usually the least expensive.

Proper support even for an extinguished cigar

It is not uncommon for the need to interrupt one’s smoking experience not only for short breaks, but also for a longer time. Storing one’s already started cigar back into the boxes along with the new ones may ot be the most correct idea, as the already used cigar may be carrying a bad odor, negatively affecting the aroma of the unstarted cigars.

The cigar rest can also be used ad a holder for extinguished cigars; it is a holder designed to hold a cigar without a flame.

Most dull cigar stands are made of metal or wood.

Such cigar rests usually have a support area for the end of the cigar, a grip to hold the cigar in place, and a stand to hold it in place.

Some models may also have the feature of a pocket to store other items such as business cards or readers.

It is an accessory that is popular with both cigar smokers and collectors.

An until cigar can remain on a cigar rest until t dries out. Inside a cool, dry environment, this can last up to a week.

However, if it is exposed to moisture or hot air, the cigar runs the risk of drying out quickly. For this reason, it is of primary importance to store the cigar in a suitable place allowing it to last as long as possible.

Silver cigar rest

A silver cigar rest can be a luxury item that can add a touch of style and class to one’s collection of smoking accessories.

There are several varieties of silver cigar rests, characterized by different styles and sizes. Some may also be decorated with engravings and artistic motifs.

Usually, silver cigar rest are made of sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver and copper that makes it stronger and more durable. It is also a material that is more resistant to rust and corrosion than pure silver. Most silver cigar rests are quite expensive.

If the world of cigars fascinates you, if you are a regular smoker, or even a simple collector, your collection cannot be without this elegante and unique accessory.

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