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1 February 2023
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22 February 2023

Smoking a cigar is a great way to relax, allowing you to disconnect and take a break from your routine, allowing you a moment of tranquility.

Cigars are not like cigarettes, they are not completely consumed once you enter, so you have to keep them in the right way.

To preserve cigars while maintaining their qualities it is essential to use the correct container: the cigar humidor.

In the following article we present the features and functions of the cigar humidor, a fundamental and design accessory.

What is meant by cigar humidor and what benefits it provides 

cigar humidor is a container designed in a specific way tp store cigars at a constant humidity. For the purpose of properly maintaining them, it is essential to store them at specific climatic conditions. Incorrect temperatures could do serious damage to the tobacco. An excessively dry environment can dry out the latter negatively impacting the aroma and quality of the product; a climate that is too humid, on the other hand, can be the cause of mold growth.

Specifically, cigars need to be stored at a temperature ranging from 16°C to 20°C, with the humidity of the surrounding air between 68% and 75%.

There are two main functions of a cigar humidor:

  • Maintain an optimal moisture level for the cigar, thus preventing its deterioration;
  • Protect cigars from outside aromas. Cigars have the peculiarity of absorbing odors and tastes from their surroundings; therefore, they should be stored separately and away from other odors.

cigar humidor therefore is one of the best ways to store cigars properly. Not only does it help keep them in good condition for a long time, but it can also protect them from weather changes.

A proper humidifier and a good intern lining can make a humidor capable of keeping cigars in good shape for many years. Without it, within just 2 or 2 days, cigars are in danger of rapidly losing their qualities.

Features and functionally of a humidor good

A cigar humidifier consist of a mainly wooden frame and has a hygrometer that is useful for measuring and keeping track of the humidity levels inside.

Generally, it is advisable to use the wood of the Spanish cedar, which is able to maintain a constant humidity. A well-know characteristic of this type of wood is its very intense odor; while we have said that one of the functions of the humidor is to protect cigars from strong odors, the smell of Spanish cedar is actually able to benefit the cigars themselves.

Among the best-know advantages of using Spanish cedar wood as the main material we recognize:

  • The aroma: cedarwood aroma harmonizes very well with tobacco aromas, also having a positive effect on the flavor development of the cigars themselves;
  • Moisture buffer: Spanish cedar wood can store large amounts of moisture, and release it into the environment. This not only allows for regulation and control of moisture fluctuations when the humidor is open, but ensures that the temperature inside the humidor itself is maintained more evenly;
  • Protection from tobacco beetles: Spanish cedar wood acts as a natural insect repellent and consequently reduces the risk of cigars being attacked by these types of insects.

Mahogany and American red cedar, two more economically accessible types of wood, also appear to be able to retain moisture, but they lack the other advantages that thud make Spanish cedar unique and unparalleled.

Professional cigar humidor: which one to choose?

Given the wide range of humidor offerings on the market, making a choice may not be so simple. When choosing a new humidor, it is good to consider some of its elements:

  • The price, which should not be too low;
  • The material, preferably cedar wood;
  • The size, recommended to be medium-large (must contain at least 50 pieces);
  • The presence of the hygrometer, which must keep the humidity constant.

professional humidor can be an optimal choice for an experience smoker whose need and desire is to maintain his or her cigars in the best possible way. It is a humidor that features fine materials that can provide longer life, better moisture quality and greater protection for cigars.

professional humidor usually has a larger capacity than standard models and can hold up t 500 cigars inside.

An alternative to the more traditional humidor is the electronic humidor. This has a humidity control system that can regulate the temperature and humidity itself inside. This is possible by the presence of a sensor that can detect the humidity outside and automatically activate a fan until the suitable thermal condition is re-established.

This function, allows for greater accuracy, further increasing the level of protection of the cigars inside.

Electronic humidors can be equipped with a digital display that shows the humidity and temperature levels inside.

In more developed humidifiers it is also possible to install an alarm system having the function of alerting the person in case of any changes in the climate inside them.

Where is it advisable to place the humidor?

Paying attention to the placement in the environment of one’s humidor is critical to its proper functioning and the maintenance of the cigars inside.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is advisable not to expose the humidor to direct sunlight. Sudden increases in temperature, can be the cause of fluctuations in the humidity level inside the humidor;
  • Fluctuations in humidity levels can also be caused by other heat sources, such as those generated by radiators, and it is therefore best to place the humidor at a distance from these;
  • The air conditioning system is also capable of generating the same phenomenon, so it is good advice not to place the humidor in the vicinity of the latter

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